Violetta is a native New Yorker who lets people off the subway first. Born under the star sign of natural performer Leo, her fervent desire to perform started at a young age before her head could catch up with her heart and when it did, there was no turning back. A true visionary, Violetta spreads her wings in the artistic world through her versatility as an actor, directer and writer. Her raw passion for creating is unwavering and aims to uncover the truth of humanity in all of her work. Violetta serves as a Creative Director at high quality production company Qase Media ( 

When she is not in front of or behind the camera, Violetta takes interest in holistic health with practices in astrology, yoga and ayurveda. Violetta's purpose is to integrate creativity and spirituality in one unit.

Be fearlessly you. With fanfare, confetti, and all.
— Violetta Lazé